How to not build your email subscriber list

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At one point in my life, I submitted my resume to Disney Interactive — actually, it was so long ago, I’m not even sure what division of Disney it was anymore.

This much I’m sure of though.  Even though I never was contacted by a human there, somehow and somewhere in their recruiting process, my email address was tossed into their Marketing Campaign soup. Evidently someone at Disney thought it would be a great idea to automatically opt in (i.e. harvest) job applicants into their email database.  I know this because I have a separate email address that I use only for job applications and ever since I submitted that fateful application, this account that gets spammed by various “offers” that Disney believes I may be interested in .

This database must have been shared with many entities across the vast world of Disney, as these offers can run the gamut from cruises, vacation packages, video games, and now ice skating events.  Over the years, I have attempted to unsubscribe to this hydra of affiliates and Disney business units to no avail.  At this point I’m now rather amused by the Disney spam I receive.  Today, apparently I might be interested in going to Pensacola to see an icy Magical Journey!

Perhaps I should add this to my tips for recruiting designers.

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