Good team leadership can be a tough thing to show. Leading any creative team is more of a story, an evolvement of the team and its process, rather than a series of stunning screenshots.

No matter the domain or project, however, there are always some common elements. Some key points for me include:

  • Understanding what iterative design means
  • Determining what will constitute a “good” design
  • Effective methods for cross-team collaboration
  • How to take a design from start to finish

My team leadership “deliverables” have included:

  • Snapshots of my teams eagerly running UX training sessions
  • Collections of Post-Its and scrawled napkins with great ideas
  • Nods of thanks after successfully leading an afternoon’s brainstorming session
  • Magical sign-off from VPs to get a usability lab built
  • Product Owners casually pencil in ‘prototyping’ and ‘personas’ into the project plan without a second thought
  • Mentoring and developing the skills of my team members

Design Thought Leadership:

I’m also an educator and have taught graduate-level design and HCI courses at Carnegie Mellon University and the Centre for Digital Media. I’ve developed curriculums from scratch to help aspiring designers learn how to practice user-centered design while working under real-world project constraints.

Additionally, I have developed training sessions for community-based organizations such as the startup and entrepreneur hub at the Launch Academy.