About Me


I make products that connect with user’s hearts by finding the convergence between humans, their goals and behaviors.

In other words, I meld the worlds of product development, interaction design and user research while leading creative teams and driving the design strategy of digital products. I strive to balance user and business goals and translate that into all sorts of good things. You know, the usual suspects like increased revenue, improved conversions, and happy, loyal customers.

Where I’ve been:

In-house at companies like VerizonSage SoftwareElastic Path and Microsoft. Consulted to organizations such as Stanford, SAPRovi (now Tivo), Hearst, Vancity and Thomson Reuters.

I hold a Master’s in Interaction Design from the top-ranked interaction design program at Carnegie Mellon University and then later returned to direct the Masters in Human-Computer Interaction program there from 2014-16.

What I’ve made:

Design Strategy documents
Design Briefs
Design Requirements & Priorities
Usability Reports
Usability Audits & Heuristic Reviews
Wireframes & Sketches
Design Research Planning
Design Estimates & Resource Planning

Activities I’ve managed:

  • Discovering, analyzing and communicating key user goals, tasks, workflows and pain points
  • Mapping users, their tasks, workflows, and journeys against business objectives and technical constraints
  • Weaving together user needs, design vision and business goals to create a UX strategy and holistic product experience
  • Translating high-level vision into a tactical creative plan
  • Developing work plans & determining scope
  • Producing wireframes and prototypes to illustrate design concepts
  • Validating design concepts and solutions with real users
  • Leading creative teams to execute on that vision
  • Managing, recruiting, inspiring and overall support of creative teams
  • Business development and client management
  • Collaborating with other teams (Product Management, Marketing, Technical)
  • Ensuring buy-in across product development teams, stakeholders and executive management
  • Evangelizing human-centered design & providing thought leadership