User Research + Usability

Design Research & Usability
To create well-designed solutions for complex digital products, an understanding of users and their goals is integral. This human-centered design process starts by taking a good look at your users through research.

My experience in primary research includes:

  • Contextual inquiries
  • Participant observations
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Face-to-face semi-structured interviews
  • Usability testing
  • Remote unmoderated user studies

I’ve also done some market research such as surveys and focus groups when necessary. I’ve even been asked to run a beta test. Secondary research is another tool I will whip out of my back pocket when necessary: literature reviews, market research, competitive analysis, and environmental scans.

A quick note for those opposed to the term “user research.” I recognize that it’s a somewhat ambiguous and confusing term. However, I use it to avoid industry jargon to keep my activities more transparent. I primarily use it to mean 1:1 user studies such as usability testing and ethnographic studies.

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