Fun Facts

  • I’m kind of a cultural sponge.  As a nomadic third culture kid, I’ve been a keen observer of people and places throughout all the moves. Last count? I’ve lived in 13 different cities, 4 countries. (And with all that packing, my Tetris skills aren’t half bad).
  • I’m kind of obsessed with discovering things, whether it’s seashells,  the best recipe, an obscure book, or an elusive bit of data.
  • I do silly things to promote UX design:

  • I have a knack for picking up unusual art skills. I used to forge and weld metal, but I’m not sure I still know how to safely fire up the oxy acetylene torch anymore. I can weave cedar baskets, construct concrete planters, and handsew circuits.
  • Matcha, pandan and chocolate–I can never get enough. (In the event of bribing, I do have a fondness for Callebaut).