UX Strategy


Design Strategy is the upfront thinking that informs the entire creative process, in turn driving the delivery of the tactical design solution.

“Strategy” can be a rather troublesome little word. It tends to morph so much that it has unfortunately become virtually meaningless.┬áDesign strategy to me is about holistically looking at a problem and figuring out the quintessential “sweet spot”: a solution that melds both business and user goals while working within project constraints.

My past Design Strategy work includes:

Unearthing the WHY

  • Discovering the opportunities (and pain points)
  • Recommending which opportunit(ies) to pursue
  • Determining the priorities and focus (what features, products or services to do first)

Documenting the WHAT

  • Understanding the constraints
  • Understanding the business goals
  • Determining the business value and ROI
  • Envisioning the possibilities
  • Defining the problem space

Defining the WHO

  • Understanding the users
  • Focusing on which users/contexts to target

Calculating the WHEN and HOW

  • Determining if the approach will be “evolution” or “revolution” (or a mixture of both)
  • Developing the concept details
  • Planning and Scheduling the delivery

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