Interview with The Guardian on Internet of Things

I recently chatted with Andy Meek at The Guardian about designer’s responsibilities in the design of IoT (Internet of Things). Here’s an excerpt from the article. Laura Ballay, a fellow faculty member at the Human-­Computer Interaction Institute, said the project also gives a sense of how there are “so many….

Staying active online

Coroflot recently instituted an old-school email practice of emailing its members each month. Essentially, you have to click a link to verify that your “actively searching” status is still indeed active. When I first saw it, I thought it was mildl…

Gamification strikes again

Oooh, this time it’s “quests”! Though I do have to say as an avid listmaker (and crosser-offer), there is something that will always appeal to me about seeing the strikethrough, and with a bonus “complete!” following it.

Am I being gamified?

Don’t you hate it when you’re being played? First they gave me a badge and a “Senior” title, then they dangled another badge carrot and now the “thank you” email and the stats. Oh the stats! Tripadvisor really knows how to get you good. 1,321 read…